Get Started!

  1. Sign up a group and join a community of activists working to make their campuses leaders in the fight against the climate crisis.

    The first step is to sign up a group to join the Campus Climate Challenge! That will put you on the map and connect you to a community of activists working on the campaign. When you create a group, you’ll be able to post information about your group, blog updates, victories, and more.

    Whether you are already working on a campus campaign, interested in getting started, or just want to lend a hand, we need you, so sign up now!

  2. Go to the Organizers Hub to get resources and choose a campaign focus

    In the Campus Climate Challenge Organizers Hub we’ve got resources from dozens of partners on how to run a strong campaign to:

    • divest from fossil fuels

    • move beyond dirty energy and to 100% clean energy

    • advance sustainability on campus through green funds and other innovative means

    • work with community groups in solidarity

  3. Get started, work with your group to build your campaign!

    This is where the real action happens. Use the Tools and Resources in the Organizers Hub to plan and run your campaign. Work with your group to confirm what sort of change you want to see on your campus, then get started organizing and building support for it!

  4. Watch for new resources and trainings!

    We’ll be hosting lots of trainings and webinars to share different skills and resources across the movement. Check back to see what’s coming up!

    Feb 28 - Telling The Story of Your Campus Campaign - How to Blog on — RSVP HERE!

  5. Watch for opportunities to take action in solidarity with other campus and community groups.

    By working together we can take action in solidarity with one another to support each other’s campaigns. Check out the Solidarity Wall in the Organizers Hub to see what others are doing, and how you can support, and be sure to post your own campaign updates too!

  6. Stay in touch!

    The whole point of the Campus Climate Challenge is to build a nationwide movement of activists supporting one another to win local victories. You can stay in touch and support one another by:

    • posting blog updates on your campaign

    • sharing your own resources on the Organizers Hub (coming soon)

    • reporting on your victories and progress!