Momentum + Solidarity

Right now our movement has some serious momentum. Last weekend 50,000 of us converged on the National Mall to demand we move Forward On Climate.

And this weekend, momentum will continue to build at Swarthmore College.

On Friday hundreds of students from 77 campuses are coming together for the first-ever fossil fuel divestment convergence just as Swarthmore’s Board of Managers meets to consider divesting fossil fuels.

While we can’t bring 50,000 of us there, it’s a huge opportunity to bring that beautiful spirit of solidarity we felt last weekend.

Join the call for divestment! Call on Swarthmore and all colleges & universities to divest from fossil fuels and move to 100% clean energy.

It’s in this spirit of solidarity that we relaunched the Campus Climate Challenge. Youth and student leaders across the country are demanding bold action on climate from their campuses — and together we can support one another and take collective action to win our campaigns.

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